Smart intersection



Every year there are 8-10% more cars in the capital, and traffic accessibility for residents and economic activity is aggravated by congested roads. One of the problems arising is congestion, they significantly affect the creation of many hours of traffic jams.

Based on the world experience and the results of their own developments, the specialists of the SpetsDorProject company have developed a system that allows you to adapt traffic lights to the flow. As a part of the program for the development of city transport routes priority, the company is modernizing 500 traffic lights in Moscow. They will reduce road congestion by an average of 30%.

Smart intersection is a comprehensive system for prioritizing public transport, increasing traffic capacity at intersections, and improving the comfort and safety of pedestrians. On the equipped sections, the capacity of public transport has already increased by an average of 15-20%, and pedestrians' expectation of a green traffic light has decreased by an average of 18-23%.

Implementation and results

Inductive loops detect public and private vehicles traffic, allowing the smart traffic light system to adapt to traffic. This system prioritizes public traffic, harmonizing it with private traffic. For a pedestrian, all traffic lights are equipped with buttons for calling the pedestrian phase— this is done for a convenient and safe crossing of the carriageway in the evening and at night.

One of the first Smart Crossroads appeared at the intersection of Klenovy Boulevard and Sudostroitelnaya Street. This section of the road has 6 inductive loop detectors for trams and 18 for other vehicles, including buses. Pedestrian crossings are equipped with buttons for calling the green phase of the traffic light.

The installation of detectors in the asphalt pavement takes place at a depth of 15 cm, the connection to the road controller is also mounted underground, which does not spoil the appearance of the city, and replacing the asphalt in the future will not damage the “smart” system.

The technology helps to relieve the capital in the morning and evening hours, when the average speed in Moscow is 15-30 km / h (according to Yandex), gives priority to public transport and saves city residents on average up to 30% of the time.

The official site of the project: умныйперекрёсток.рф