Traffic information led board

Automated information system

The information display board (TIB), when used in the city road transport network, serves to display graphic or text messages informing traffic participants about the current situation on the road, warns of various traffic difficulties and demonstrates the optimal routes for the most comfortable trip.

All TIBs that are part of the city road network are connected to an automated system for informing traffic participants, which allows you to quickly, after analyzing the situation, display the necessary message on a specific section of the road network.

With the help of special software solutions, specialists receive information about the TIB functioning and possible malfunctions in real time. This allows you to quickly analyze and plan roadwork to eliminate deficiencies in the operation of the board, without getting to the object.

Remote diagnostics significantly increases the work of the specialists getting to the objects to solve problems, since they begin to eliminate already identified problems without wasting time on diagnostics.

The "SpetsDorProject" company serves 270 TIBs included in the ITS of the city of Moscow.

During the maintenance period, in addition to routine maintenance, a new cooling and heating system was installed for the entire TIB fleet, which made it possible to double the equipment life and reduce the number of crew visits for maintenance due to overheating or overcooling of the equipment.

In addition, in 2019, under another State contract, 26 IDBs were replaced on the Moscow Ring Road. These works are carried out in order to replace the outdated type of equipment and the impossibility of its partial repair.

As a result of the work, the citizens saw a clear and brighter image on the Moscow Ring Road, which increased the effectiveness of informing drivers about the road situation.