Traffic light objects

Control system for technical means of traffic regulation and organization

Currently, in Moscow has over 6 million registered vehicles and their growth is not decreasing. Besides, from 800 thousand to 1 million vehicles from the Moscow region and other regions arrive to the city daily. The city street and road network is a historically established structure. The traffic capacity of the city road traffic network in many respects does not correspond to the existing traffic volume, which is the reason for the emerging issues in traffic lights functioning.

The "SpetsDorProject" company was the first in Russia to create its own software and hardware solutions for the efficient distribution of traffic flows.

Up to day, thanks to the implementation of new and unique road controllers, inductive loop detectors and buttons for calling the pedestrian phase, it has become possible to create complex adaptive vehicles movement logic; in particular, the use of the phase change algorithm in case of the absence of pedestrians.