Teleview cameras

Telereview system

The system is designed for visual control over the developing traffic situation and is an integral part of the ITS operation.

System functions

  • Television review of road network sections using full-featured TV cameras (remote rotation in the vertical and horizontal planes, focusing, approaching and removing areas and objects of television surveillance);
  • Automatic generation and transmission of data to the system for monitoring the parameters of traffic flows;
  • Processing and transmitting information to the zonal control centers and the central hardware and software complex of the system;
  • Ensuring functioning of automated workstations of the system and collective means of displaying information (video walls, monitors, etc.);
  • Archiving video information; this information can also be used to increase safety in the city and prevent accidents;
  • The data is integrated with a unified data storage and processing center (UDSPC) and with a system for monitoring traffic flow parameters – CITY EYE;
  • Video analytics with traffic events and incidents.