One of the most popular ways of transportation in Chelyabinsk is by tram, the residents of the city actively use tram directions, and the transport itself and the infrastructure associated with it are rapidly developing. Based on this , the following tasks were identified to improve the situation in the city:
– ensuring the priority of public transport (trams);
– modernization of road traffic through the introduction of the adaptive control system "Smart intersection".

Solution and results

At 13 traffic lights the specialists of SpetsDorProject the joint venture have installed more than190 inductive loop detectors, 13  Intelligent controllers "POTOK";

As a result of the work performed, the average speed of trams increased by 10%. The travel time of intersections by trams has been significantly reduced (on average more than 20%), without prejudice to other road users.

Installing buttons for calling the pedestrian phase traffic lights it allowed to reduce the cycle time by reducing the number of pedestrian phases during low pedestrian traffic or its absence. And also contributes to improving road safety.

On Prospekt Pobedi a traffic light facility has implemented the function of calming traffic by forcing compliance with the speed limit. It is carried out by turning on a forbidding traffic light signal in front of vehicles moving in excess of the permitted speed.