Smart intersection on the Flotskaya street

Flotskaya street and Konakovsky passage intersection.


Previously, on the area, they encountered self-locking of the intersection, which was also complicated by the load on the exit and entry to the councils of 3 districts of the Northern Administrative District and the short phase of leaving Konakovsky passage in the absence of cars on Flotskaya.

Solution and results

By installing the Smart Crossroads system with locally adaptive control at the Flotskaya and Konakovskiy passage streets intersection and its inclusion in the top-level system "Diriger", it was possible to eliminate the problem of self-locking of the area. Pedestrian phase call buttons were also installed for the safety of pedestrians, thus the waiting time at night was reduced to 6 seconds. .

At night, a green traffic light is constantly on in Flotskaya street until the pedestrian phase or exit from the side passages is activated, which has increased the capacity of the area.