Modernization traffic information led boards at Moscow Ring Road

Modernization of the traffic information led board and controlled road signs


In 2019, SpetsDorProject successfully completed   the modernization of the traffic information led boards and controllable road signs on the  road network of Moscow within the framework of the State contract.

As a part of  the modernization it was required to replace high-resolution LED screens (TIB and CRS) together with in
the control system, as well as peripheral equipment workstations.

One of the essential points presented by the Customer in the terms of reference was that it was required to install the screen into the existing support structure, which remained after dismantling the old screen, which, in turn, had unique dimensions.

Solution and results

In this regard, the specialists of SpetsDorProject, together with the LED structures manifacturer, developed additional mounts allowing the installation of the screen on the old seat.

The screens themselves, installed by specialists, are designs of new generation LED modules, giving a much richer and clearer picture, which made it possible to increase the visibility of information messages from a long distance, display more detailed color images on the screen, including animation and video.

After the modernization of the CRS and the installation of a new media player, the signs themselves can now display absolutely any images from speed limits to animated signaling messages.

In addition, IDB and CRS were equipped with an automatic ventilation system with a thermostat and an illumination sensor that automatically sets the screen brightness.

In total, as part of the execution of the State contract, the specialists of SpetsDorProject modernized 30 information display boards and 150 controllable road signs along the entire length of the Moscow Ring Road.