Traffic management optimization

Intelligent simulation for further traffic optimization

Dmitrovskoe highway and Rustaveli street intersection


One of the problem areas of the Dmitrovskoe highway was the exit to Rustaveli Street, where during rush hours there was a traffic jam: cars trying to leave the Dmitrovskoe highway faced a difficulty in moving towards the region along the highway in the main rows

Solution and results

In order to improve the road situation, the SpetsDorProject company carried out a study of the road situation at this facility, and after approval, the road markings were changed, which made it possible to remove the conflict point, which is the beginning of the congestion on Dmitrovskoe highway

As a result of this re-marking, cars moving into Rustaveli Street from the Dmitrovskoye highway continue to move along their dedicated lane and do not intersect, as it was before, with cars moving from Dmitrovsky passage.

These measures made it possible to triple the capacity on this section, and also allowed drivers moving along the Dmitrovskoye highway towards the region to freely pass this section of the road.

Exit from TTK to 2nd Krestovsky avenue


Drivers called the inner side of the Third Transport Ring up to the exit to Prospekt Mira, a “bewitched place”. Instead of one lane provided, drivers often occupied two or three. Though, PVF cameras given, they were forced to exit at only one of them. As a result, those standing at the exit blocked the road to those moving straight ahead and made them nervous, cutting them off while changing lanes.

Solution and results

To reduce the accident rate and increase the capacity of the emergency section of the Third Transport Ring, the traffic pattern was partially changed, road signs were replaced and photo and video cameras were reprogrammed at the exit to 2nd Krestovsky lane and further to Prospekt Mira.

The drivers were allowed to turn from the two right lanes. Thanks to the additional lane, it was possible to reduce the commute time from the Savelovskaya overpass to the Novorizhskaya overpass during rush hours by 1.5-2 times. .