Coordinated management

Traffic light objects synchronization mode
Zelenograd, Central passage

Organizing a 'green wave' traffic light system.

This project was carried out at the request of a separate battalion of the traffic police of the Zelenograd Administrative District in order to increase the efficiency of regularly conducted measures to ensure the traffic lights synchronizied regime, as well as during events where the traffic police needs to ensure the unhindered passage of convoys through a large number of traffic lights.

When a convoy passed, the traffic police battalion provided manual crossing guarding of each traffic light, which led to the involvement of a large number of staff to control the traffic light on the spot.


The specialists of the SpetsDorProject company have modernized the road controller so that the task of switching the traffic light is carried out remotely and without the presence of an inspector at the traffic light.

Currently, the operational organization of a special convey can be provided remotely from the Situation Room. This work significantly increases road safety during events, reduces the raffic police officers workload. Thus, earlier, to ensure passage through 16 traffic light objects, it was necessary to involve up to 6-7 traffic police crews. Now this requires no more than 2 crews. This joint work has shown its effectiveness and can be used at the official request of the traffic police.