Photo and video recording cameras

Speed control. Responsibility for not allowing the predestrian to cross the road


Within the framework of the won state contract, in order to reduce the accident rate at the sections of the road-street network, SpetsDorProject implemented the installation of photo-video cameras in Moscow.
Installed cameras record the following violations:

— Not allowing the pedestrians to cross the road;

— Breaking of the speed limit;

— Running a red light;

— Driving onto the opposite strip/lane

— Crossing the stop line (wafer markings)

— Changing the lane violating the markup;

— Blocking the traffic on a public transport lane.

The purpose of placing means of photo and video recording is to reduce road accidents, comply with traffic rules among drivers and, as a result, save people's lives.


A total of 200 PVR complexes were installed in the Moscow streets, including Zelenograd, Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative area.