Safe traffic light

Additional display system
for road consoles

System purpose

"Safe traffic light" is a system of additional indication of road consoles designed to reduce road accidents and increase the safety of citizens crossing the carriageway, especially at night.

The "Safe Traffic Light" system attracts the drivers attention from afar, even during precipitation or fog, the drivers pays attention to the traffic light much earlier and have more time to evaluate the situation and make a decision to maneuver.

The way it functions and features

The L-shaped traffic light support is equipped with a LED strip that duplicates the color of the traffic light, depending on the cycle. Thus, not only the traffic signal, but also the LED strip along the entire length of the support on which it is installed show the light.

In addition to the LED strip, road signs "Pedestrian crossing" are mounted on the L-shaped support, equipped with internal illumination. LED lights for additional lighting are installed for better visibility of the pedestrian both on the "zebra" and on the side of the road.

By the current moment the Safe Traffic Light system has been installed at 240 traffic light objects in the city of Moscow. Thanks to this, the number of accidents involving pedestrians has decreased.

The system is patented by ООО SpetsDorProject and has set the all-Russian trend for the use of this method of additional indication of consoles in other cities of the Russian Federation.