Adaptive traffic light control

Implemented to reduce accidents and increase traffic capacity at intersections

Calling phase


In 2017, SpetsDorProject specialists monitored a traffic light in Zelenograd at the intersection of Central and Panfilovsky avenues in order to find the causes of congestion.

It was revealed that the usual, circular switching of all phases of a traffic light, regardless of the presence of transport, created significant traffic issues.

Solution and results

To solve this problem, the company's specialists applied the technology of adaptive control with calling phases. 25 detectors were tightly integrated into the road and an intelligent road controller was installed, which made it possible to set up a traffic light object in an adaptive mode with calling phases. If transport – drivers get the green light.
These measures allowed the most efficient use of the green traffic light signal, which reduced the waiting time for crossing the intersection from all directions and reduced the nervousness of drivers, and this, in turn, led to a decrease in accidents.

The statistics of 8 months showed that when this technology was implemented, the traffic capacity of the intersection increased by 30%, the number of accidents decreased by 8 times. For all the time, loop detectors have shown their reliability — they never broke down or malfucntioned.

Replacement phase


After the launch of the Northeast Expressway in September 2018, due to its high relevance, significant congestions began to appear in all directions at the intersection of the temporary storage warehouse and Dmitrovskoye Shosse.

To improve the situation, the company "SpetsDorProject" conducted a study of the traffic at this facility and it was revealed that one of the main factors affecting the congestion at this intersection was the phase of the pedestrian crossing, which worked in a constant mode, regardless of the presence of pedestrians wishing to cross the carriageway.

The second factor influencing the congestion was the turn of vehicles, which, while waiting for their turn, blocked the lanes and obstructed the passage of vehicles

Soluton and results

In this regard, SpetsDorProject specialists installed an intelligent road controller allowing to create complex logics for adaptive vehicle control, including using the phase change algorithm in the absence of pedestrians. Also, buttons for calling the pedestrian phase were installed to cross the roadway.

In addition to the modernization of the traffic light algorithm, an additional U-turn was organized to the intersection zone, thanks to which the turning cars did not block the traffic at the intersection.

These measures made it possible to double the capacity from all directions. This is especially noticeable in the evening rush hours: the cars procession moving on the Northeast Expressway does not hold the Dmitrovskoe shosse, thus the passage of public and private transport towards the region has become freer and safer.